10 ways to stay focused at work?

with all?ii ne dorim s? we increase our productivity at work, but that?and among us even î?and creates? an environment conducive to making a habit of concentration ?and balancing energy levels during work time?? Iat? a few tricks ?and useful tips we thought c? it would be good to? divide them?rt??im:

1. Respect? discipline of sleep hoursSleep

Insufficient sleep?It can significantly affect concentration, memoria, creativity, productivity, emo stability?level? ?i s?n?physically?. With discipline? ?and a rigorous program to?i accorda odihn? 7-8 hours per night, you will see well?t??iri in the shortest time. Besides? to stay, po?The day begins in the morning?early ?and so î?i transmi?i ?ie himself?i c? are you going to s? to ?good job?.

2. Ensure-?i o diet? which creates?you power of concentration

Am aflat, desigur, with to?ii about super foods recommended by nutri?ions?you to have a diet? balanced?, but pu?this ?I know about those who?i can come to your aid when you need to? you focus.

Cafeaua, this? magic liqueur?, maybe better?t??and short memory? lasted? ?i can stimulate p?r?and of the brain that play a role in concentration ?and in memory. Because? and soluble?, cafeina ajunge repede în sânge (în 30-40 de minute), and its effects begin s? it disappears? barely after? three or four hours.Cranberries

On?tele is a source? excelent? of protein ?i is well-known c? Omega3 acids are essential?ial for func?good ionization? of the brain ?and for its development. The doctors' recommendation is s? consumption?m on?you at least?in 2 or on s?pt?lucid?.

Afinele not only c? they are delicious, but help? flow?take the blood ?and good?t??esc oxygenation of the brain so c? you men?in the alert mind? ?and help? concentrate it.

Walnuts ?i semin?ele never with?in, besides? Vitamin E, ?i vitamina B, magneziu, but ?i Omega 3, which up?in func?nervous system. The recommendation is s? consumption?m o por?ie small? of nuts ?and seeds either raw or pu?in pr?jite every day.

3. creates?-?and a work plan. write lists, listing ?and lists againList b

together? well rested ?i lini?from the point of view of physical needs, e?You're ready to attack. But the most important step in men?maintaining a high level of productivity is s? î?and plan, prioritize ?and dose the energy according to?ie the desired results. The hierarchy of things to solve in?i can p?bad already known?, however? a short? review? it can get you out of the deadlock. Some research studies?tori au ar?tat c? organizing tasks into help lists? ability to concentrate regardless of whether? the lists are solved? totally or not. Today?day mul?I use different applique?ii, programs or even sites that help them? s? get organized. G?se?you the most suitable variant? for you ?and follows?-?i instruc?actions.desk setting

4. Better a draft? than a page? goal?

Whatever work you do, the brain t?u va func?ion the same: at some point he will take refuge in one direction?ie that he did not?brushes, but which may have an ad value?root? in that parallel project you thought of s? you work after?-noon. Insurance?-you c? on the desk you have at your disposal?ie a spa?iu, the coal? white?, for moments of inspiration?ie that suddenly hit you when you work or e?you in the process of creating?ie ?i design. That's how you have it at hand? the reac?ie constructive? to how to sabotage the brain ?i e?sure c? later you will have a starting point for the fear of "starting".

5. Of my hand? perturb?useless

Tr?im in a bombed out world? constantly informed?ii ?and details, de ?throws ?i notify?ri on various platforms ?and communication media.

DND silent mode

To succeed?i s? focusing on what you have to solve from the lists created is important s? î?You create an environment conducive to the thought process. So, elimination of annoying sounds from the environment?tor that can disturb is a solution?available to anyone. Insurance?-you c? the phone is turned on Silent ?i c? any other inform?ii from the operating system appear only as alert messages, f?r? sound or vibrate?ii. Set?ri>Notices?ri>Close.

Another trick I can?I use it with my mobile phone to not close the notification?countries is s? him ?ii with the screen down during working hours.

6. Office open space? A set of c??I solve it? trouble

Not just c? te po?i izola fonic ?and sink into the tasks you want to solve? you focus, give a pair of c??put on your ears can give the signal to others?and colleagues who want to s? I interrupt you? with various questions?ri, that it is not exactly a good time s? occur?. Athens?ie what?I hear her ears, music helps you? s? î?but in?ii concentration if? te po?and disconnect from lyrics or have repetitive instrumental areas that keep you going?in the state of productivity.

7. Zoom-in

On?Full-view documents help you? s? you men?connected to the work process with the respective task? ?i s? isolate spa?the creation of the rest of the disturbing factors that can ap?online or offline.

8. Ask for help

Ca s? î?i p?stress dynamics already created? of the way of working, f?-?i o list? to ask?ri sau nel?deaths with which the other?and colleagues can help you at the end of the task. Concentration must be looked at? as something delicate, thus c? any interruption, even ?and one considered? necessary?, can give you back some good hours to solve the problem,ro.

9. I offer?-?i timp

Perhaps the most important? resurs? which we benefit from ?and which I forget?m s? I value it?m at the level at which it should be time. The same as ?and sleep that has different stages of depth ?and thus rest result? it is of different quality??i, concentrarea are nevoie de timp pentru a se instala. Be r?bd?tor ?and go through the step?ii accommodation before installation in the state of intense work.

10. Practice? deta?area ?and concentration in other environmentsPortrait of stressed young housewife in modern kitchen

Lots of exercise?ii to meditate?ie guided? are increasingly appreciated ?and promoted today?day on more and more media. Maybe p?I play it bad? from the outside, but once? tried a yoga module, meditate?ie or concentration ?Athens?ie, vei fi uimit de rezultatele pozitive aduse prin simpla accesare a centrului de putere din interior.

Intellectual work? it needs great power of concentration, through meditation?ie you will notice that u?or, u?or, agitation?ie mental? can be conquered? prin voin?? ?i exerci?iu. Namaste!

Metodo România. Dedica?and people,,ro,Below this one,,ro,estimate,,ro,Metodo Romania,,ro,i adapteaz,,en,permanently,,ro,view,,ro,and services so that s,,ro,correspond,,ro,specific needs of the public,,ro,Metodo Romania is a specialized company,,ro,in providing vocational training,,ro,only,,co,ii the e-learning,,fy,studies,,ro,i research,,ro,ri de pia,,ja,consult,,es,in management,,ro,and project implementation,,ro,services for both institutions,,ro,public relations,,ro,How,,ro,and organisms,,bg,of private individuals,,ro,and individuals,,ro,ago,,ro,i-ne pe re,,haw,socializing them,,ro!

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