Diáspora ReSTART: promoting the entrepreneurship of Romanians from the Diaspora

We are part of a new project to promote entrepreneurship, Diáspora ReSTART, which will support Romanian immigrants with entrepreneurial spirit to set up businesses in Romania, promoting the development of the local business community.

An education program in entrepreneurship, assistance and financing will be carried out for the implementation of business plans in Romania, which will involve 400 Romanian citizens residing in Spain.

Entrepreneurship in Romania

The Diaspora ReSTART project will contribute through online training in entrepreneurship to the development of entrepreneurial skills among diaspora people who want to return to their home country to develop their own business.

Once trained, the participants will present their business plans and a competition will be held for the selection of the sixty most viable plans, which will be financed by the project. In addition, a personalized advisory, consulting and mentoring service will be offered to support the finalist plans and will monitor the correct functioning of the companies that are implemented thanks to this project

Diápora reSTART will have a great impact on the return of Romanians to the country, stimulating entrepreneurship and creating new jobs. In this way, Romanians trained in Spain will have the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experiences acquired and put them into practice in their country.

The project will be focused on Romanians in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, but Romanian residents in other European countries may participate also.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund, within the framework of the Human Capital Operational Program of Romania POCU 2014-2020. In its development, led by  Consiliul pentru Intreprinderi Mici si Mijlocii Private din Romania, Grupo Método will participate in collaboration with Global Commercium Development SRL,  Fundatia Centrul pentru Acces la Expertiza Studen?ilor ?i Absolven?ilor Români and the Agentia de Dezvoltarea Regionala Nord-Est. All the beneficiary entities of the project have great experience in the execution of social projects. Grupo Método has been participating successfully in projects in Spain for more than a decade and has more than 5 years of international experience in Latin America, Bulgaria and Romania promoting employability, professional qualification, equal opportunities and institutional strengthening.

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