EITIC project Meeting in Oslo: empowering women in Europe through technology

On August 26 and 27, Metodo Romania was in Oslo to attend the 3rd Transnational Meetic of  EITIC project (ICT Innovative Entrepreneur Women), framed within the Erasmus + program, which aims to make visible the actions of entrepreneur women from vulnerable groups and / or rural areas and promote their entrepreneurship and employment through training in the use of technological tools and services. 

Metodo Romania is partner in this project coordinated by Fundación Cibervoluntarios together with organizations from Italy and Norway.

During this third meeting partners shared  the advances made in the training materials, as well as in the manual of good practices before starting the trainings with women in the 4 countries of the project. Pilot activities will offer training in topics such as web presence, Digital Marketing or how to attract investors, among other several topics and Technologital tool and services.

The host organization of the meeting was The European Center for Women and Technology – ECWT.

Visit the project website for more information:

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