Subsidized training aimed at workers in the commerce and marketing sector and workers in the transport sector

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In this article we are going to tell you in detail all the courses that are included within the subsidized training aimed at workers in the commerce and marketing sector and workers in the transport sector. Pero, before starting, we have to clarify all the activities that cover both sectors:

The commerce and marketing sector comprises the following subsectors: Commerce; commercial delegations of the public business entity Loterías y Apuestas del Estado; promoción, tasting, merchandising and distribution of samples; Lottery administrations.

The transport and logistics sector includes the following subsectors: road freight; transportation of sick and injured by ambulance; Car rent with and without driver; road passenger transport; air Transport; parking lots and garages; home delivery; rail transport and other types of regular transport (Cableway, funicular and
zipper); other warehouse and storage; other activities associated with ground transportation; toll roads and other toll roads; postal activities; activities related to transport (Freight forwarders, Consignees and Customs Agencies); self-propelled mobile cranes; external services, auxiliaries and customer service of railway service companies; railway contracts.

Subsidized training aimed at workers in the commerce and marketing sector and workers in the transport sector

The State Public Employment Service is the entity that subsidizes this training and, Like we have already said, is aimed primarily at workers employed in the commerce and marketing sector and in the transport and logistics sector. These courses are fully subsidized, which means that they are completely free for our students. They are carried out in remote training and, upon successful completion of training, each student will receive an official qualification of the specialty studied.

Subsidized training for workers in the commerce and marketing sector:

ADGD132PO Small Business Management | 80 horas

COML008PO Basic Warehouse Management | 20 horas

COML018PO Logistics function and cost optimization | 25 horas

ADGD211PO Search Engine Optimization | 50 horas

ADGD330PO Comprehensive business activity process | 140 horas

ADGD385PO Introduction to web positioning techniques | 60 horas

ADGG035PO Internet Tools. comercio electrónico | 80 horas

ADGG075PO Social media marketing in commerce | 100 horas

COML016PO Improvement of inventory management and benefits in commerce | 50 horas

COML019PO Warehouse organization | 30 horas

COMM004PO Service Strategies: calidad y orientación al cliente | 100 horas

COMM005PO Virtual Community Manager Profile and Roles | 80 horas

COMM022PO Design of shop window assembly | 100 horas

COMM031PO Marketing online: diseño y promoción de sitios web | 30 horas

COMM032PO Marketing and sales force management in the strategic direction of the company | 90 horas

COMM040PO Marketing Management 2.0 | 90 horas

COMM061PO Positioning on the web for entrepreneurship | 90 horas

COMM087PO Technological tools at the service of customer commercial management | 60 horas

COMM091PO Social media marketing and online reputation management | 40 horas

COMM123PO Neuromarketing | 60 horas

COMM124PO Web analytics in the commerce sector | 50 horas

COMT027PO Online Business and Electronic Commerce | 80 horas

COMT035PO Electronic invoicing | 80 horas

COMT040PO Sales management, direct marketing and use of social networks in business management | 100 horas

COMT099PO Virtual store: prestashop | 60 horas

COMT104PO Blog for business communication | 20 horas

COMT105PO Online sale | 30 horas

COMT045PO Fundamentals of communication and customer loyalty | 35 horas

Subsidized training for workers in the transport and logistics sector:

COML001PO Driving forklift trucks | 20 horas

COML019PO Warehouse organization | 30 horas

COML023PO Logistics management | 150 horas

COMM002PO Customer service and quality of service | 25 horas

TMVI018PO Prevention of accidents while driving | 40 horas


Si te interesa alguno de estos cursos, You can request your place or request more information through the following channels:

Sending an email to

Calling toll free 900 812 902


Training subsidized by the State Public Employment Service.

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    I am dedicated to digital marketing and it is an area to be updated at all times. Thanks to this type of online courses, the curriculum vitae is taking shape, to the point of finding my hole. Gracias!

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      Buenos días.
      That is the idea of ​​these courses: get professionals to stay up-to-date and obtain quality training :)

      A greeting and thanks for your words!

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