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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Técnico de Proyectos Europeos en Grupo Método
Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Método will participate from 27th to 30th of June in the last Transnational Meeting of the ERASMUS + DECO project in the Turkish city of Kalkan, where we will meet with partners from Lithuania, Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria.

There we will present another two products that Método has developed these last months (“Tips for Success” y “Communication for Success”), which represent a complement of the «Guidelines for career coordinators at VET schools for key competences training with cooperation with employers» (main output of the project) and address different useful recommendations and experiences in Vocational Education and Training in order to make students be involved and help them acquire certain key competences that allow them improve their employability and competitiveness in the labour market.

In addition, the meeting will also address different aspects related to the successful dissemination of the project, such as the planning of Multiplier Events to be conducted between the months of September and October or the specific aspects regarding technical and financial justification, as well as discussing project ideas to be submitted in further calls of the ERASMUS + and other co-operational programmes.

DECO_Tipsforsuccess_ English_version_final May 2016

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