Curs – Elaborarea propunerii de proiect

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„Elaborarea propunerii de proiect” is a course designed by c,,ro,three Method Studii Consultan,,it,Romania for the student,,ro,ii from the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology,,ro,i Asisten,,en,from the University,,ro,ii Bucharest,,ro,you,,el,This,,id,if it appears,,ro,kept the teacher in charge,,ro,of the practice program,,ro,to study,,ro,OF THE,,ro,and master's degrees,,ro,i a,,en,prnit of the observer,,es,take c,,ro,resume num,,ro,organizational role,,ro,non-governmental students who receive trainees from sc,,ro,because of insufficient funds attracted to,,ro,and continues its activity,,ro,our company,,ro,and faculty leadership,,ro,ii,,en,they proposed s,,ro,offer the trainee,,ro,their s,,ro,and the opportunity to acquire knowledge,,ro,believe,,vi,him,,pt,i competen,,en,they need to succeed,,ro,i s,,en,transforms an idea into a project proposal,,ro,Method Study Studies Consultant,,ro,decided s,,ro,pro-bono is involved in this project by offering s,,ro,realize this present course,,ro,ial introductory with duration of,,ro,sessions s,,ro,pt,,en,hand,,ro,offer assistance,,ro?tre Metodo Studii Consultan?? România pentru studen?ii de la Facultatea de Teologie Romano-Catolic? ?i Asisten?? Social? din cadrul Universit??ii Bucure?ti. Ini?iativa a apar?inut profesorului care se ocup? de programul de practic? al studen?ilor ?i masteranzilor ?i a ?prnit de la observa?ia conform c?reia num?rul de organiza?ii non-guvernamentale care primesc stagiari a sc?zut ca urmare a fondurilor insuficiente atrase pentru a-?i continua activitatea. În acest context, compania noastr? ?i conducerea facult??ii ?i-au propus s? ofere cursan?ilor s?i oportunitatea de a dobândi cuno?tin?ele ?i competen?ele necesare pentru a reu?i s? transforme o idee în propunere de proiect. Scriere proiect curs

Metodo Studii Consultan?? România a decis s? se implice pro-bono în acest proiect oferindu-se s? realizeze acest curs prezen?ial introductiv cu durata de 8 ore (within the 4 sesiuni s?pt?mânale) ?i s? ofere asisten?? online between March and April,,ro,Beyond benefiting from the expertise of the trainers no,,ro,tri,,en,participate,,es,they will build during the course a project proposal on a theme,,ro,of their choice,,ro,they will be able to participate in a competition,,ro,ie projects with the prize for free participation,,ro,at one of the authorized courses in the Metodo Romania portfolio,,ro,compete,,es,and entrepreneurship,,ro,Who are the trainers no,,ro,who is in charge,,ro,of this course,,ro,Melania of,,ro,holds a master's degree in project management,,ro,I have a master's degree in education,,ro,be an adult,,ms,and has fish,,ro,years of experience,,ro,in the elaboration,,ro,and implementation of financial projects,,ro,ate from funds na,,ro,national,,ro,i europene,,en,Melania pred,,sk,Project Manager courses,,ro,Manager,,en,and Trainer,,ro,working on it,,ro,i time,,ro,and the implementation of human resources development projects,,ro,and stimulation of entrepreneurship,,ro 2017.

Dincolo de a beneficia de expertiza formatorilor no?tri, participan?ii vor construi pe parcursul cursului o propunere de proiect pe o tem? de ei aleas? ?i vor putea participa la o competi?ie de proiecte având ca premiu participarea gratuit? la unul din cursurile autorizate din portofoliul Metodo România (competen?e antreprenoriale, manager de proiect, formator).

Cine sunt formatorii no?tri care se ocup? de acest curs?
Melania Coman

Melania de?ine un master în managementul proiectelor ?i un master în educa?ia adul?ilor si are peste 10 ani de experien?? în elaborarea ?i implementarea de proiecte finan?ate din fonduri na?ionale ?i europene. De mai bine de 5 ani, Melania pred? cursurile de Manager de proiect, Evaluator de proiect, Expert accesare fonduri, Manager ?i Formator, lucrând în acela?i timp ?i la implementarea unor proiecte de dezvoltare a resurselor umane ?i stimulare a antreprenoriatului. Melania has been elaborated,,ca,I delivered courses c,,ro,the Ministry of Development,,ro,Regional Region,,ro,and Administers,,bs,you take Public,,ro,General Inspectorate of Police,,ro,you take Romanian,,ro,like,,ro,and for needle structures,,ro,local meeting,,ro,associate,,es,i found,,pt,Bianca has an experience,,ro,fish,,ro,participating in the development,,ro,and the implementation of socio-educational services,,ro,and social in various disadvantaged areas,,ro,One inside,,ca,the ones that Bianca considers,,ro,the future is that of innovation,,ro,social,,ro,i of social entrepreneurship,,ro,based on ini,,ro,Community initiatives,,ro,Bianca is a trainer,,ro,and project manager,,ro,and participated in the elaboration,,ro,and the implementation of numerous social projects,,ro,to elaborate,,ca,I delivered project management courses,,ro,and courses aimed at,,ro,organizational management,,ro,non-governmental organizations,,ro,March at the faculty headquarters,,ro,where they participated,,ro,by student,,ro,master's degrees,,ro,Here,,ro,some pictures from this,,ro,prim,,en,meeting,,ro,Dedicate,,es ?i livrat cursuri c?tre Ministerul Dezvolt?rii Regionale ?i Administra?iei Publice, Ministerul Culturii, Inspectoratul General al Poli?iei Române, precum ?i pentru structuri de ac?iune local?, asocia?ii ?i funda?ii.

Bianca Buzetto

Bianca are o experien?? de peste 15 years in the nongovernmental, participând la dezvoltarea ?i implementarea de servicii socio-educa?ionale ?i sociale în diverse zone defavorizate. Una dintre direc?iile pe care Bianca le consider? de viitor este cea a inov?rii sociale ?i a antreprenoriatului social, bazate pe ini?iative comunitare. Bianca este formator ?i manager de proiect ?i a participat la elaborarea ?i implementarea a numeroase proiecte sociale. As trainer, a elaborat ?i livrat cursuri de management de proiect ?i cursuri ce vizeaz? managementul organiza?iilor non-guvernamentale.

Prima sesiune a cursului de scriere de proiecte a avut deja loc în 6 martie la sediul facult??ii unde au participat 21 de studen?i ?i masteranzi. Iat? câteva imagini de la aceast? prim? întâlnire.


Romania is the slogan Metodo: Dedica?and people,,ro,Below this one,,ro,estimate,,ro,Metodo Romania,,ro,i adapteaz,,en,permanently,,ro,view,,ro,and services so that s,,ro,correspond,,ro,specific needs of the public,,ro,Metodo Romania is a specialized company,,ro,in providing vocational training,,ro,only,,co,ii the e-learning,,fy,studies,,ro,i research,,ro,ri de pia,,ja,consult,,es,in management,,ro,and project implementation,,ro,services for both institutions,,ro,public relations,,ro,How,,ro,and organisms,,bg,of private individuals,,ro,and individuals,,ro,ago,,ro,i-ne pe re,,haw,socializing them,,ro!

Sub acest? deviz? Metodo România î?i adapteaz? în permanen?? viziunea ?i serviciile astfel încât s? corespund? nevoilor specifice ale publicului. Metodo România este o companie specializat? în oferirea de formare profesional?, solu?ii de e-learning, studii ?i cercet?ri de pia??, consultan?? în management ?i implementare de proiecte, servicii destinate atât institu?iilor publice, cât ?i organiza?iilor private ?i persoanelor fizice.

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