UNIFORS2020- Second training activity for teachers.

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Method group has participated in the second training activity of the Erasmus + project UNIFORS2020, organized by the School of Telecommunications at the University of Vigo.

Del 5 al 7 February 17 teachers and trainers belonging to the entities participating in the project, They have gathered in Vigo for the second pilot in the materials of the course on soft skills that will constitute the main outcome of the project.

The soft skills course will be structured in 8 training modules, which they are as follows:

  • module 1a. Trabajo en equipo
  • module 1b. Gestión del tiempo
  • the 2nd module. Problem resolution
  • module 2b. analytical thinking
  • Módulo 3a. Critical thinking.
  • Módulo 3b. Decision making
  • 4a Módulo. Creative thinking
  • Módulo 4b. Interpersonal communication

During this activity, teachers have exposed the final version of the training materials for each module, and they have received feedback from other participants.

In the coming months the partners will launch an open call for all students interested in participating in the course. This course, blended format, It will end with a week of training for teachers and students in Belgium.

If you want to know more about the project you can find all the information on the web:

The project UNIFORS2020 (2018-1-PL01-KA203-050809) It is coordinated by the University of Warnia- Mazuria, and will last 36 months.


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