New ERASMUS + projects approved!

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Técnico de Proyectos Europeos en Grupo Método
Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Grupo Método consolidates its good work in the ERASMUS + programme with the approval of 4 new projects in the 2017 Call. These projects, framed under the line of Strategic Associations with other entities in the field of training at European level, deal with different topics in the areas of adult education, vocational training and youth and will begin to be implemented in the coming weeks.


Thus, in the field of youth training, we will provide our knowledge on entrepreneurship issues in two projects: the YOUTH MOVE project, on which we act as lead partner and that will help to improve, using ICT possibilities, the business skills of young people in the social services area, and, on the other hand, the BECOME BUSY project, which aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young people through their own empowerment, and where they can practice their business skills in real time through a virtual business environment.


In the area of adult education, with the SPEAK APP project, on which we also play the role of lead partner, we will contribute to improve oral communication skills in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and German) through the creation of specific training content and the promotion of users interaction through the development of a mobile application.

Finally, with the continuation of the DECO project, we will continue to contribute, through the implementation of various training actions, improving the key competences of vocational training students for their better labour market insertion.

The achievement of these projects are the fruit of the experience and know-how generated during these years in this programme and allow us to continue consolidating our network of contacts at European level, while increasing our knowledge in different training areas and strengthening our international presence as an expert entity in training for employment.

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