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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Are you interested in receiving counselling on your training and professional career possibilities?

The distance counselling mobile application iYOT (iYOT App) is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The iYOT mobile application puts at the disposal of any interested person a free of charge and individualized guidance on the different educational, professional and mobility possibilities at European level.

IYOT App allows you to contact counsellors of five institutions related to the training and employment field at European level:


We explain the five basic steps to make use of the iYOT mobile application

iYOT App instructions


This tool represents the result of the collaboration started in 2015 on the counselling in the training and educational area among the 5 entities of the project, and on which Método has contributed with its experience and know-how in the design and development of innovative tools in the training and employment field.

The iYOT mobile application represents the main product of the IYOT project (in Your Own Time, ID: 15-204-012641 – KA2-AE-9/15) funded under the ERASMUS + programme, an international initiative involving 5 entities from five EU countries (Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, Portugal and Spain) that seeks to improve the guidance competences of adult education organisations in Europe.

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  1. Avatar
    11 mayo, 2017 en 13:02 — Responder

    Hablamos español y vais por mal camino, aprovechar bien las ayudas de otros países.

    • Provincia: pontevedra
    • Grupo Método
      11 mayo, 2017 en 13:09 — Responder

      Hola Francisco,

      Esta publicación la hemos hecho tanto en español como en inglés, por tratarse de un proyecto que realizamos junto a otros cuatro países de la Unión Europea.

      Puede visualizar este mismo artículo en español en este enlace: https://blog.metodogrupo.com/iyot-app-orientacion/

      Un saludo,
      María G.

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