Grupo Método participates in a training week in Slovenia

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Raluca Silvana Tomoni

Raluca Silvana Tomoni

Técnico de Proyectos Europeos en Grupo Método

A team from the Grupo Método will travel to Slovenia next week to participate in a training session under the iYOT project (In Your Own Time: Orientation System for Adult Education) funded by the Erasmus+ program.

The main purpose of iYOT project is to jointly develop, between partners from five EU countries, a user friendly distance counselling service to meet adults´ interests, skills, personal and occupational developments according to their available time (In Your Own Time), which is done through a web-based software system with an innovative mobile application (iYOT Software).

From March 20 to 25, Ljudska Univerza Ptuj, leader of the iYOT project, will host a training week aimed at contributing to the training of counselors.

It is a training course for professionals working in the field of education, whose main objective is to support the participants to acquire new knowledge in the field of distance counselling for adults, within a framework of European collaboration that will bring together a total of 25 professionals from 5 countries of the European Union (Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden and Slovenia).

During the training, Grupo Método will be responsible for explaining how the iYOT mobile application works, an innovative software support for remote counselling, developed within the framework of the project. The training session will reinforce and improve the performance of the iYOT App for its future launch, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play by all those people interested in receiving information and / or professional guidance.

The training week will also provide an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts for future collaborations and to reinforce the joint work among the project partners.

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