DECO project meeting at our facilities in Vigo

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Last week, from the 8th to the 11th of March, we have hosted at our facilities in Vigo the third international meeting of DECO project partners, project framed within the ERASMUS+ programme and related to the identification of key competences for career design in vocational training in collaboration with the labour market, on which Método acts as a partner along with 7 other entities of Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Spain.

These days, in addition to dealing with the project issues and setting the activities to be developed for the remaining months of project implementation, we have presented the «Guidelines for career coordinators at VET schools for key competences training with cooperation with employers«. Such document, which has been discussed point by point, represents the main product to be made in this project and is one of the major contributions of Método to the project.

Besides visiting our headquarters in Aragon street (Vigo), we have been fortunate to enjoy a guided tour through the Integrated Vocational Training Centre “Instituto Politécnico de Santiago de Compostela”, where we were received by its management staff. There, we have had the opportunity to see the organizational structure of the centre, as well as receive an in-detail explanation of each of its different areas of work. Project partners have also had the opportunity to perform various questions about the operations and the way the centre is managed.

The next and final project meeting will be held in the Turkish city of Kalkan in late June 2016, where the results achieved in the project will be shared among all of us.

Finally, we have also had the opportunity to talk about future opportunities for cooperation, both concerning the presentation of new ERASMUS +proposals as well as other initiatives in the field of training, especially with our partners from the Chamber of Commerce of Tarsus projects in Turkey, a country that represents a great business opportunity in this area.

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