Acasa Plus: promoting the development of the entrepreneurial fabric of less developed regions of Romania

Starting in October of this year, and with funding from the European Social Fund (in the framework of the Human Capital Operational Programme POCU 2014 – 2020), the ACAS? PLUS – ANTREPRENORI PENTRU SUSTENABILITATE project (POCU 89/3/7/107821)  has been launched, involving several partner entities from Romania (SC Global Commercium Development and Asocia?ia Centrul de Consultan?? ?i Management al Proiectelor Europroject) and Spain (Metodo Estudios Consultores S.L. and Uniunea Muncitorilor Români).

This three-year project is aimed primarily at increasing employment and entrepreneurial culture in the seven least developed regions of Romania, through support for start-ups with a non-agricultural profile in urban areas. To this end, Romanian people in the diaspora (in Spain, but also in other European countries) will be provided with access to information, business training, personalised guidance and counselling services, financial support and business development.

Romania has the second lowest business density in the EU-27, so it is important to put in place measures to try to reverse this situation. Indeed, a solution to the country’s severe economic downturn lies in encouraging entrepreneurship in disadvantaged areas, since the creation of new businesses not only guarantees stable incomes for their owners, but also facilitates access to the labour market for vulnerable people in the urban areas of Romania’s less developed regions (by increasing the number of small businesses), and generates socio-economic growth in those regions.

With the Acasa Plus project, a comprehensive support process will be carried out for beneficiaries (Romanians in the diaspora) so that they can set up their own businesses in Romania. For this purpose, first of all, a specific training programme will be implemented in entrepreneurship, delivered online to 400 people from the target group, so that they can develop their entrepreneurial skills. Once trained, participants in the program will present their business plans within a competition, in which the 48 best entrepreneurial projects will be selected.

In order to guarantee the success of these new businesses in Romania, the 48 selected participants will be provided with a comprehensive and personalised support of advice/consultancy and mentoring, offering them also a financing according to the needs of their business and up to a maximum of 40,000 euros.

If you are interested in participating in the activities of this project you must meet the following requirements/conditions:

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • To possess Romanian citizenship.
  • Purpose of starting a non-agricultural business in Romania.
  • Proof of residency outside Romania in the last 12 months.


More information about the Acasa Plus project: antreprenoracasa.webnode.ro

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