Seminar about the present and future of the pharmaceutical biotechnology on Friday in Burgos

This Friday, March 31, will be held in Burgos a free dissemination seminar, with the purpose of disseminate the results of the project «Present and Future of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Castilla y León«, whose purpose was to study the development possibilities presented by the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Sector in Castilla y León and the implications it has for the employment, as well as being an engine for the development and economic growth.

The General Union of Employees of Castilla y León, in collaboration with Grupo Método, is organizing a seminar to disseminate the study «Present and Future of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Castile and Leon», funded by the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, the Foundation for Business anchoring and training for employment in Castile and Leon and by the Agency of Innovation, Financing and Business Internationalization of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon (ADE).


The objective of this seminar is to present the results of the aforementioned study, carried out under the Third Framework Agreement for Industrial Competitiveness and Innovation of Castile and Leon, which will take place on Friday, March 31, starting at 11:00 a.m. in The Hall of Events of the Town House of UGT Burgos (Burgos).



11:00  Start of the Event

Evelio Angulo Álvarez (General Vice-secretary of UGT Castilla y León).

11:10  Presentation of the study “Present and Future of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Castile and Leon” and of the sector of Pharmaceutical Biotecnology

María Galiñanes (Project Manager. Departament of Projects – Grupo Método)

11:40 Occupational and formative analysis of pharmaceutical biotechnology

Eduardo Sánchez (Director of the Departament of Projects – Grupo Método).

12:05 Analysis of the knowledge transfer on pharmaceutical biotechnology

Xana Lomas (Project Consultant Departament of Projects – Grupo Método)

12:35 Questions of the attendees

12:50 Conclusions and closure

Pablo Dionisio Fraile (Regional Secretary of UGT Burgos)

Through the various exhibitions, there will be defined and recommended mechanisms that may favor the development of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Sector in Castilla y León, highlighting the high potential for development of this Sector in this Autonomous Community, not only as a generator of economic growth, but also as a generator of stable employment and quality, with high stability and a high degree of qualification taking into account that the biotechnology is configured as a field of enormous future development, which offers enormous possibilities for development in Castilla y León.


You can register on this link to confirm attendance due to space limitations.

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